Friday, June 12, 2015

Yes! John Anderson Was Traded to Toronto

John Anderson  was a pitcher that played for four different major league teams in three years, 1958, 1960 and 1962. His minor league career continued until 1967 with a few stops in organizations not mentioned in his transaction list.

I start with 1963. Anderson starts the year in Hawaii for the Angels system, then gets sent to Toronto and the Braves. This is from the Arizona Republic of June 21, 1963...

"Separate trades have provided the Toronto Maple Leafs of the International league with two knuckleball pitchers, Leaf General Manager Frank Pollock announced last night.  Outfielder Howie Bedell was traded to the Atlanta Crackers for one-time Leaf Bob Tiefenauer. Catcher Joe Hannah was sent to Hawaii of the Pacific Coast League, where he played last  year, in exchange for John Anderson."

Hannah was a career minor leaguer.

Of course, how Anderson even got to Hawaii is unknown, as well as his return to the Houston organization in 1965.

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