Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Muffett Man traded for a Moon Man

Billy Muffett was a pitcher for the Red Sox, Giants and Cardinals from the late 50's thru the 1960's who finished his career in a few different organizations in the minors. His last year in the majors was 1962, and after one bad outing was sent out to Seattle.

From there he goes to Atlanta and back to the Cards organization, without an explanation. Well, the Seattle PI online article from 2007 on Dave Mann outlines what happened:

" At midseason in 1962, the Rainiers traded Mann and pitcher Billy Muffett to Atlanta of the International League for highly regarded third baseman Mike Shannon (later of the St. Louis Cardinals), and then reacquired Mann a month later."

So the deal sent Mike "Moonman" Shannon to the Red Sox minor league system! We don't have an exact date yet...

Cardinal blogger RetroSimba  has a nice feature on Shannon's Red Sox stay, but no word on how he get back to the Cards late in the season. Perhaps the Mann AND Shannon moves were both loans.

Further research is needed...

Shannon from www.tradingcarddb.com , Muffett from Check Out My Cards

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