Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Not THAT Bob Sadowski, THIS One

Infielder Bob Sadowski (as opposed to Pitcher Bob Sadowski ) had his major league career end after the 1963 season, but he lasted quite awhile after that, in many minor league organizations.

He played in Toronto for a couple years, and started the 1967 season in Seattle before heading to Indianapolis in this trade archived by the Greensburg Daily News of June 10, 1967...

"The Indianapolis Indians of the Pacific Coast League traded left- landed pitcher Johnnie Seale to Seattle of the PCL Friday for infielder Bob Sadowski. Sadowski, who has batted .221 n 25 games for Seattle this season, is expected to join the Tribe this weekend at Oklahoma City."

 Seale had pitched for the Tigers in the 1964-5 seasons.

Sadowski was evidently not related to the other Bob Sadowski, or any of the other Sadowskis that were in baseball around that time...

There is still some research needed to be done on how THIS Sadowski bounced around the minors.

Sadowski from Trading Card Database, Seale lifted from eBay...

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