Monday, June 8, 2015

Bob Perry Swapped For Tim Harkness

Bob Perry was a pretty fair outfielder for the Angels in 1963 and 1964 but didn't quite stick with the team and was sent to the Pirates for infielder Julio Gotay in 1965. The Pirates sent him to Columbus (AAA), and from there he went to Buffalo for some reason during the 1966 season.

Buffalo belonged to the Reds at that time. A look at some newspapers came up with the following from the Syracuse Post-Standard from July 6, 1966...

"The league-leading Columbus Jets swapped Pancho Herrera to Syracuse because their rookie, Mike Derrick, had beaten Pancho out of the first-base job. Now Mike is out with a broken ankle, so the Jets had to make another deal. They swapped outfielder Bob Perry, here with the Bisons, for Tim Harkness, who can play first base besides being an outfielder."

So former Met Tim Harkness was traded even-up for Perry. Another article, from the Buffalo Courier-Express of June 28, 1966  states that the trade was being held up by the Reds, and that either Harkness or another former major leaguer Joe Hicks would be traded.

1966 ended up being Harkness' last season, but Perry continued for several years with stops in the Twins and Brewers minor league systems. Haven't been able to track those transactions down yet!

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