Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dick Kenworthy Throws Me a Mexican Curveball

Dick Kenworthy was a Chicago White Sox infielder who tried to stick several times in the sixties, and may be best known for his 1968 Topps card. On that card he is listed as being on the Mets though he never played for them: he was a rule 5 pick that was returned to the ChiSox.

Kenworthy stayed on AAA Tuscon for the ChiSox until 1971, when he goes to the Reds' Indianapolis farm, with no reason given.

In trying to find out the machinations behind this move, I was thrown a curve in this Tuscon Daily Citizen article from Apr. 14, 1971...

" Hamilton Released As Toros Pick Up 'Missing Pitcher'- Jack "The Ham" Hamilton was given his unconditional release today by the Tucson Toros after pitching for the Pacific Coast League entry for the past two years. The colorful righthander, who was noted for his clubhouse-wrecking tantrums when he lost a game, will be replaced on the roster by the "missing pitcher" for the White Sox, Cecilio Acosta.. Acosta is a pitcher from the Mexican League who came to the White Sox in a trade for last year's third baseman for the Toros, Dick Kenworthy. . Acosta was to report to the White Sox spring training camp in Sarasota this spring but nobody heard from him. Last Friday he showed up in Tucson and the White Sox were notified. It was decided to leave him here and put him on the roster. Acosta was with the Jalisco club in Mexico last year where he fanned 99 batters in 8-5 innings."


So it appears like a straight Kenworthy-for-Acosta trade, but with Jalisco in the Mexican League. I can't find any mention of Kenworthy playing in Mexico at all, let alone 1971. I'll try to look further into that, unless someone can help, hint hint...

Acosta's Baseball Reference major league page  lists the following as to how he got to the White Sox in 1971...

" Before 1971 Season: Purchased by the Chicago White Sox from Jalisco (Mexican)."

So I think we can safely say it was a trade instead, involving Kenworthy. Next questions....how did Kenworthy end up in Indianapolis.... and what happened to him and Jalisco??

Acosta from the wonderful Jongy's Beat website! 
Kenworthy pic lifted from flickr.

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