Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ron Locke Transaction Found! Also, Gerry Arrigo!


In looking around, I noticed that pitcher Ron Locke spent his entire career in the Mets organization...except for 1966. He takes a bit of a journey to the Reds and Phillies minor leagues before returning to the Mets for several years.

Smelling a transaction, we hit the Google search and came up with the following article from the Montreal Gazette of May 24, 1966:


Which states Locke went from Jacksonville (NY AAA team) to Buffalo (Reds AAA team) the day before as part of a deal involving Gerry Arrigo! Score!

The Retrosheet transaction lists the Arrigo move to the Mets as:

"Sold by Cincinnati Reds to New York Mets (May 20, 1966)."

So we now know that Locke was a part of that deal.

Now we look for his trip to Macon that year, and his return to the Mets in 1967.

Locke and Arrigo taken from the  

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