Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Derrell Griffith to the Braves in 1967...looking for clues

This is one example of what we are looking for in trying to fill in the transaction history of major league baseball players.

We know that Griffith was traded to the Astros by the Mets (after a trade from the Dodgers) in the 1966-67 off-season.

What we DON'T know is how he ended up in the Braves organization just after the 1967 season started.

I've found plenty of stories on Griffith in games for Oklahoma City in 1967 and a couple on him playing for Austin later, but nothing bridging the gap.

This article talks about the 1968 Atlanta Braves spring training non-roster invitees, of which Griffith one...

" Derrell Griffith, who has keen(sp) in the big leagues with the Dodgers and came to the Braves after the '67 season started from the Mots(sp)"

Which we know isn't quite right..the MOTS traded Griffith to the Astros, who parked him at AAA Oklahoma City before his travels to the Braves system.

Can you connect these dots?

(from Trading Card Database)

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  1. Per the 7/8/1967, Sporting News, he was traded for Brian Murphy as part of the Wade Blasingame- Claude Raymond trade of June 15.