Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Some Easy Ex-Twins; Uhlaender and Stigman

A couple easy ones for mid-week.

Dick Stigman was a solid pitcher for a couple of years in the sixties, especially for the Twins. He was sent to the Red Sox and didn't fare so well in 1966. He would miss the 1967 Series team as he was sent to the Reds in the off-season, and to their minors at AAA Buffalo. Very late in the year, he ends up at San Diego with no explanation...until now...

From the Spokane Daily Chronicle of Aug. 15, 1967...

"Lefthanded pitcher Dick Stigman of the Buffalo Bisons has been sold to the San Diego Padres of the Pacific Coast League by the Cincinnati Reds, Jack Guthrie, Bisons president, said yesterday."

Stigman went 1-1 with a complete game in two appearances, both starts, and his career was done.

Ted Uhlaender was a pretty fair outfielder for the Twins and Indians who, strangely, had his best Major League season in the year of the pitcher, 1968.

He was dealt to the Reds for 1972 and didn't take well to the new league. In 1973 he was in the minors, at AAA Iowa for the White Sox system, with no mention why on his player page. We found it!

From the Milwaukee Sentinel of June 21, 1973...

"The Cincinnati Reds sold the contract of outfielder Ted Uhlaender  to the Iowa Oaks of the American Association Wednesday. (June 20, 1973)”

 Stigman and Uhlaender were both on the 1965 AL Champion Twins, but neither saw action in the series. Uhlaender DID make it in the series with the Reds in 1972.

Uhlaender from the great 

Stigman from the great resource

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