Friday, July 17, 2015

Ex-Dodgers Ron Negray and Bob Wilson Traded for a Whiz Kid

Rounding off Ex-Dodgers week!

We have the tale of two Ex-Dodgers, Ron Negray, who double-dipped with Brooklyn in 1952, then came back to Los Angeles in 1958.

Bob Wilson was a Negro Leagues player that languished in the Dodger system for the better part of ten seasons in the 50's...getting only a five-at-bat cup of coffee in the majors in 1958 despite putting up fine AAA numbers.

In 1959 both players start the season on the Dodgers' Montreal AAA team, but finish the year with independent Toronto...with no transactions listed. We found it...

 From the El Paso Post of June 4, 1959...

“MONTREAL, June 4. - The Montreal Royals today traded Outfielder Bob Wilson and Pitcher Ron Negray to the Toronto Maple Leafs, in exchange for Outfielder Angel Scull and Infielder Mike Goliat. No cash was involved.”

Goliat was the second baseman for the 1950 Whiz Kid NL Champion Phillies, who had been with Toronto since being sent there in 1952 by the Brownies. Angel Scull was a lifetime minor leaguer from Cuba that finished his career at age 40 in the Mexican League.

Wilson and Negray each had more stops to make before they were done, but those transactions haven't been unearthed yet.

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