Monday, May 4, 2015

Frank Leja and the 1961 Shuffle

Frank Leja was a bonus baby slugger for the Yankees in the fifties who made a couple appearances for them in 1954 and 1955, and another short stop with the LA Angels in 1961.

His documented transaction list has him staying in the Yankees system until late 1961, where he is traded to the Cardinals system, then to the Angels before the 1962 season. He was traded to the Braves later.

That doesn't explain a side trip to Syracuse in 1961. The Chiefs that year were a TWINS affiliate. Turns out that Leja was purchased to add some power to the lineup....

The Spokesman-Review for May 12, 1961

The deal on May 11, 1961 was a cash purchase of Leja by Syracuse from Richmond.

Another website has Oct. 1, 1961 as a tentative date for Leja returning to the Yankees in anothe cash deal, before his trade to the Cardinals.

Yet another article has Leja being recalled by the Cardinals later from the Charleston farm club, mentioning he had just been traded there in 1961.

There is also a matter of a couple teams Leja played for out of the Yankees organization in 1960...we will keep looking!

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