Monday, May 11, 2015

Dooley Womack and his Two 1969 Trades From the Astros

Here is one of the unknown transactions that I have had no luck tracking down.

If you have read "Ball Four" you know of the trade during the 1969 season that sent Jim Bouton from the Pilots to the Astros for Dooley Womack (and Roric Harrison).

Later in 1969, December, Womack gets traded AGAIN by the Astros, this time to the Reds with Pat House for Jim Beauchamp.

In-between, there is an unknown transaction listed for approximately October where the Astros get Womack back from the "Brewers" (I believe they were technically still the Pilots).

I have been completely unable to find any other listing for this deal, whether it was a purchase or a trade and whether anyone else was involved. Plenty of references to Jim Bouton, but nothing on Womack's Houston return.

Can YOU find the unknown transaction?

Weird Womack-with-a-bat pic from

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