Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Do Not Meet Charley Schanz in St. Louis

Charley Schanz was a pitcher in the majors for the Phillies during World War II, with a brief stop in Boston for the Red Sox in 1950. His Baseball-Reference page has a good list of many transactions of his career, but I've been able to add a few to the beginning and end of the list.

Schanz' transaction list starts with his being drafted by the Phillies from the San Diego PCL club in 1943, but he was owned by San Francisco before that. He had been optioned to Tacoma of the Western League by the Seals in 1940, but then went to the Yakima club in the Western League in a strange trade documented by the July 8, 1940 Ellensburg Daily Record:

“Last week-end the Seals bought Don White, Tacoma outfielder, and Hub Kittle, Yakima pitcher, for $5,000 apiece…”

“Yakima also obtained a couple of players from the Seals in the player deals.”

“Charley Schanz, right-hander formerly with Tacoma, was signed with the proviso San Francisco can repurchase him for $2,500 next year if needed,”

Pitchers Jack Bowen and Ronnie Byrant were also sent to Yakima in the deal.

And, true to the wording of the deal, the Seals re-obtained Schanz. from the Berkeley Daily Gazette of Sep. 19, 1940:

“The San Francisco Seals have purchased Charley Schanz, Giant righthanded pitcher from Yakima of the Western International League for delivery next spring, it was announced today.”

“Schanz was optioned to Tacoma last spring by San Francisco and was later turned over to Yakima, where he won 18, lost 9.”

By the way, the "Giant" reference was to Schanz' height, not to the New York Giants.

The last deal mentioned on Schanz' Baseball-Reference page is a waiver claim the Browns made in 1950 on Schanz from the Red Sox...but Schanz never played for the Browns. Schanz refused to report to St. Louis, so the Red Sox had him returned, and sold to the PCL. From the Lodi News-Sentinel of  July 18, 1950:

“Seattle’s pennant hopes soared today with the announcement by the Rainier front office that pitcher Charley Schanz has been repurchased from the Boston Red Sox.”

“The big right-hander had been claimed by the St. Louis Browns on waivers but refused to report and came home to Sacramento. The Sox took him back, asked and got waivers on him.”

Schanz had won 22 games for Seattle in 1949 (while losing 17!). He didn't perform nearly as well for them in 1950, with an ERA well over 6.00. After a couple years as a swing man for independent Seattle, he finished with Sacramento after a deal I could not find.

Schanz photo stolen from  www.tradingcarddb.com





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