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POST 100!! 106 More Transactions!!

POST 100! Now here are the last transactions over the next 48 posts...again "*" means a difference/correction from a previous Baseball Reference or Retrosheet listed transaction:

March 26, 1963 Detroit Tigers sold Don Buddin to the New York Yankees
July 13, 1960 Chicago White Sox traded Jim Baxes to Portland (PCL) for George Freese
May 16, 1956 Kansas City Athletics sold Joe Astroth to San Diego (PCL)
Oct. 13, 1956 Kansas City Athletics purchased Joe Astroth from San Diego (PCL)
July 7, 1956: Philadelphia Phillies traded Thornton Kipper, Mel Clark and Wilbur Johnson (minors) to the Washington Senators for Pompeyo Davalillo, Roy Hawes, Dario Rubenstein (minors) and Tony Ponce (minors)*
July 30, 1956: Detroit Tigers purchased Roy Hawes from the Philadelphia Phillies
May 6, 1957: Milwaukee Braves traded Lou Sleater to the Detroit Tigers for Roy Hawes
Jan. 7, 1959: Cincinnati Redlegs purchased Frank Kellert and Harry Malmberg from the Boston Red Sox*
May 14, 1959: Baltimore Orioles purchased Frank Kellert from the Cincinnati Redlegs *
May 13, 1957: New York Giants sold Windy McCall to the Boston Red Sox
July 20, 1957: Philadelphia Phillies purchased Windy McCall from the Boston Red Sox
May 17, 1955: Cleveland Indians purchased Bob Hooper from the Cincinnati Redlegs
May 24, 1957: Brooklyn Dodgers traded Ben Flowers to the New York Yankees for Jim Fridley
Jan. 6, 1953: Cleveland Indians sold Merrill Combs to Seattle (PCL)
June 6, 1954: Seattle (PCL) sold Merrill Combs to Sacramento (PCL)
June  1959: Toronto (IL) sold Ray Crone to the Detroit Tigers conditionally. Tigers returned Crone to Toronto (IL) July 5, 1959.
July 5, 1959: Toronto (IL) sold Ray Crone to Memphis (SA).
Jan. 25, 1960: Toronto (IL) sold Ray Crone and Don Johnson to Portland (PCL).
June 3, 1960: Portland (PCL) sold Ray Crone to the Kansas City Athletics.
July 15, 1958: San Francisco Giants traded Ray Crone, Ernie Broglio and Jim King and a player to be named later to Toronto (IL) for  Don Johnson. The Giants returned Johnson to Toronto as the player to be named later to close the deal after the 1958 season.*
Oct. 18, 1960: Cleveland Indians purchased Jim King from Toronto (IL).*
Jan, 4, 1954: New York Yankees sold Loren Babe to Toronto (IL).
Apr. 7, 1954: Cincinnati Redlegs purchased Loren Babe from Toronto (IL).
Jan 26, 1955: New York Giants sold Ebba St. Claire to Richmond (AA)
Aug. 16, 1955: St. Louis Cardinals purchased Ebba St. Claire from Richmond (AA).
Before 1956 season: Cleveland Indians acquired Ebba St. Claire from the St. Louis Cardinals in an unknown transaction.
Dec. 8, 1956: Cleveland Indians trade Ebba St. Claire to Sacramento (PCL) for Chet Johnson
Feb. 27, 1957: Toronto (IL) purchased Ebba St. Claire from Sacramento (PCL).
March 31, 1955: Cincinnati Redlegs sold Howie Judson to Seattle (PCL)
June 11, 1956: Philadelphia Phillies purchased Howie Judson and Bubba Church from Seattle (PCL)
Before 1958 season: Chicago Cubs acquire Howie Judson from Philadelphia Phillies in an unknown transaction
Dec. 3, 1958: Chicago Cubs sold Howie Judson and Ed Winceniak to Denver (AA)
Oct. 8, 1955: Chicago White Sox sold Ed McGhee to Toronto (IL)
May 14, 1956: Detroit Tigers purchased Ed McGhee from Toronto (IL)
Dec. 2. 1955: St. Louis Cardinals sold Harry Elliott to San Diego (PCL)
June 21, 1957: Baltimore Orioles purchased Harry Elliott from San Diego (PCL)
Before the 1957 season: Baltimore Orioles purchased Memo Luna form the St. Louis Cardinals
Jan. 12, 1960: Baltimore Orioles traded Erv Palica and $15,000 to the Boston Red Sox for Herb Moford
Dec. 2, 1961: Baltimore Orioles conditionally sold Herb Moford to the New York Mets. Moford returned to Baltimore Orioles May 7, 1962.*
Jan. 13, 1955: Pittsburgh Pirates sold Johnny Hetki to Toronto (IL).
Jan. 6, 1954: Boston Red Sox released Al Zarilla
Jan. 29, 1954: Seattle (PCL) signed Al Zarilla.
Dec. 2, 1954: Seattle (PCL) sold Al Zarilla to San Diego (PCL)
June 16, 1958: Kansas City Athletics optioned Dave Melton to Portland (PCL) in return for the rights to Fernando Rodriguez. Rodriguez optioned to Buffalo (IL).*
After 1958 season: Philadelphia Phillies obtained rights to Fernando Rodriguez form Kansas City Athletics as result of Buffalo (IL) minor league team switching affiliation.
May 15, 1958: Washington Senators sold Jerry Snyder to the Philadelphia Phillies
Dec. 10, 1954: New York Giants signed Ralph Branca
July, 1955: New York Giants released Ralph Branca 
Feb. 9, 1953: Chicago White Sox purchased Gene Bearden from the St. Louis Browns.*
Feb. 14, 1954: Chicago White Sox traded Gene Bearden to Seattle (PCL) for Alex Garbowski  and Art DelDuca (minors).
Before 1955 season: San Francisco (PCL) obtained Gene Bearden from Seattle (PCL) in an unknown transaction
Nov. 1955: Boston Red Sox acquired the rights to Gene Bearden, Wally Judnich and Bill Serena as a result of a minor league working arrangement with San Francisco (PCL)
Feb. 18, 1956: Milwaukee Braves purchased Gene Bearden from the Boston Red Sox.
March 28, 1956: Milwaukee Braves sold Gene Bearden to Sacramento (PCL).
March 30, 1957: New York Giants traded Ed White to Sacramento (PCL) for Gene Bearden and Jackie Tobin and cash.
Before 1952 season:  Cleveland Indians acquires the rights to Ed Stevens as a result of a minor league working arrangement with Indianapolis (AA).
April 3, 1952: Cleveland Indians sold Ed Stevens to Toronto (IL).
April 3, 1957: Detroit Tigers purchased Ed Stevens from Toronto (IL)
Nov. 28, 1960: Tony Roig drafted by Chicago White Sox from Los Angeles Dodgers in Rule V Draft
Before 1949 season: Al Benton signed as a Free Agent with Sacramento (PCL)*
April 19, 1949: Cleveland Indians purchase Al Benton from Sacramento (PCL) for cash and the optioning of Fred Marsh to Sacramento (PCL).*
June 27, 1952: Boston Red Sox traded Harley Hisner and Al Richter to San Diego (PCL) for Al Denton.*
Oct. 3, 1961: Kansas City Athletics purchased Gordon Jones form the Baltimore Orioles. *
Dec. 5, 1973: Cleveland Indians traded Mike Jackson to the Milwaukee Brewers for Lloyd Gladden (minors)
Dec. 5, 1973: Cleveland Indians sold the contracts of Marcelino Lopez and Roy Foster to Veracruz (Mexican )
May 14, 1958: Kansas City Athletics purchased Bobby Morgan from the Chicago Cubs
September, 1935:  Philadelphia Phillies acquired Leo Norris from Minneapolis (AA) for cash and a player to be named later. Jan. 6, 1935: Philadelphia Phillies send Ray Prim to Minneapolis (AA) to finalize trade.
Before 1936 season: Cleveland Indians acquire rights to Ray Prim as part of minor league working agreement with Minneapolis (AA)
April 25, 1936: Cleveland Indians sold Ray Prim to Los Angeles (PCL)
Oct. 1, 1942: Chicago Cubs purchased Ray Prim from Los Angeles (PCL) for cash and a player to be named later.
Sept. 1943: Detroit Tigers purchased Jimmy Outlaw from Buffalo (IL)
May 29, 1949: Detroit Tigers sold Jimmy Outlaw to Sacramento (PCL)
During 1947 season: Philadelphia Athletics sold Chet Laabs to Buffalo (IL)
July 7, 1949: Toronto (IL) purchased Chet Laabs from Buffalo (IL)
Jan 13, 1951: Cleveland Indians sold Marino Pieretti to Portland (PCL)
Before 1953 season: Portland (PCL) traded Joe Brovia and Marino Pieretti to Sacramento (PCL) for Glenn Elliott and Orval Grove. Grove refused to report.
Dec. 2, 1955: Philadelphia Phillies purchased Marino Pieretti from Sacramento (PCL) on a conditional sale. Pieretti returned to Sacramento (PCL) Apr. 20, 1956.
Apr. 21, 1956: Sacramento (PCL) sold Marino Pieretti to Los Angeles (PCL)
Dec. 28, 1949: Washington Nationals sold Mark Christman to Seattle (PCL)
Apr. 5, 1951: Detroit Tigers sold Eddie Lake to New York Yankees
Feb. 24, 1952: New York Yankees traded Eddie Lake to Oakland (PCL) for West Bailey (minors) and Jimmy Moran (minors)
After 1948 season: Boston Braves sold Ed Wright to Milwaukee (AA).*
Feb. 7, 1949: Philadelphia Phillies purchased Ed Wright from Milwaukee (AA).*
Feb. 6, 1953: Philadelphia Athletics sold Ed Wright to Memphis (SA)
Dec. 9, 1948: Boston Braves sold Bobby Sturgeon to Seattle (PCL)
 July 9, 1949: Chicago Cubs traded Bill Schuster to Seattle (PCL) for Bobby Sturgeon
Dec. 31, 1950: Phladelphia Phillies purchased Marv Rickert from the Chicago White Sox
May 30, 1952: St. Louis Browns purchased Marv Rickert from the Philadelphia Philies
Dec. 5, 1952: St. Louis Browns sold Cliff Mapes, Bobby Hogue and Stubby Overmire to Toronto (IL) for $32.500
July 24, 1953: New York Yankees traded Kal Segrist and Bruce McKelvey (minors) to Toronto (IL) for Cliff Mapes
After 1953 season: New York Yankees sent Cliff Mapes to Toronto (IL) in an unknown transaction
Jan. 10, 1954: Chicago White Sox traded Don Griffin (minors) to Toronto (IL) for Cliff Mapes, Phil Haugstad and Frank Colman
Before 1940 season: Chicago Cubs purchased Claude Corbitt from the New York Yankees
March 26, 1941: Chicago Cubs traded Claude Corbitt to the Brooklyn Dodgers for Gus Suhr and Arnold Moser, and an option of Ray Roche (minors) to Milwaukee (AA). Roche returned to Montreal (IL) April 17, 1941.
Aug 29, 1949: Cincinnati Reds traded Claude Corbitt to Syracuse (IL) for Sam Meeks
September 21, 1948: San Francisco (PCL) traded Bill Werle to the Pittsburgh Pirates for three players to be named later and cash. The Pittsburgh Pirates sent Steve Nagy (September 27, 1948) and Leroy Jarvis (Jan. 29, 1949) to San Francisco (PCL) to complete the trade.*

June 27, 1979: Pittsburgh Pirates traded Taylor Duncan and Mike Garman to the Cleveland Indians for Rob Ellis

June 1, 1951: Boston Braves traded Bob Hall to Seattle (PCL) for Ray Martin

May 13, 1953: Pittsburgh Pirates sold Bob Hall to Seattle (PCL). Sale voided by league commissioner May 18, 1953 and Hall returned to Pirates.

June 22, 1954: Pittsburgh Pirates sold Bob Hall to Seattle (PCL)

Oct, 19, 1953: Detroit Tigers traded Eddie Kazak to the Chicago Cubs for Don Swartz (minors)

Oct. 13, 1954: Chicago Cubs sold Eddie Kazak to San Diego (PCL) for $7,500 and a player to be named later.

Before 1958 season: Cleveland Indians obtain rights to Eddie Kazak via minor league working agreement with San Diego (PCL)

Aug 14, 1958: Cleveland Indians sold Eddie Kazak to the Cincinnati Redlegs

May, 1959: Cincinnati Redlegs sold Eddie Kazak to the Baltimore Orioles
June 1, 1959: Baltimore Orioles sold Eddie Kazak to the Milwaukee Braves
May 23, 1952: St. Louis Cardinals sold Johnny Blatnik to Syracuse (IL)
Before 1954 season: Philadelphia Phillies obtained rights to Johnny Blatnik via minor league agreement with Syracuse (IL).
Dec. 2, 1955: Philadelphia Phillies sold Johnny Blatnik to Buffalo (IL)

It has been fun finding these, and you can help too! thank you for reading and please spread the word to baseball history nuts!!!

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